Yoel and Rivki Wolf moved to East Rogers Park five years ago, infused with a desire to help educate and enrich the local Jewish population through their local Chabad.


In time, Yoel and Rivki have become my personal friends, and I am thrilled to have celebrated Shabbat and many other Jewish holidays with them.  When I realized that I needed help creating a Haggadah for our local Rogers Park Community Seder, Yoel spent hours with me carefully suggesting passages to incorporate into the service. In short, Yoel has been a spiritual mentor to me - and his oft repeated phrase “God Willing” has become one of my more frequently repeated phrases.

Of course, among Rivki’s greatest attributes - she learned that the pathway to my spiritual essence is through my stomach, and, being an amazing cook and baker, she continually awes me with her culinary skills - always done in accordance with Jewish dietary laws and customs.

Yoel and Rivki are overjoyed as they celebrate their wonderful blessing - outlined in this article from Chabad magazine.

Please enjoy the article, written by the new proud Poppa - and how Yoel’s perspective, steeped in Jewish learning and tradition, focuses on joy, faith and an abiding love for Almighty G-d.

Read the article at Chabad.org website.