almost got it right. After Montrose and Ohio Street beaches, it ranked our Loyola Beach the third ‘hottest’ in the City.

It isn’t  #12 in the nation, but, oh yeah, that was an April Fool’s!

Quoting Layne Gerbig of
“Beach season is officially upon us, with tomorrow being the first day beaches in Chicago are open! To celebrate, we put together "The Definitive Guide to Chicago's Hottest Beaches," and we feature Loyola Beach in Rogers Park!”

And from the article:
Loyola Beach

East Rogers Park is home to Loyola Beach, a sandy spot named for the nearby university. Sun yourself on the sands of this Far North beach, and stretch your legs on the two-thirds-of-a-mile walking path that hugs the shoreline. While the water and the view are a great draw for this spot, the real reason we want to talk about Loyola Beach: Crepes on the Beach. This tiny little food shack does sweet and savory crepes that’ll keep you coming back summer after summer. Order your beachside delicacy and eat it under one of the casual umbrellas by the stand, or take it back to your towel. “

Enjoy the beaches this weekend and throughout the Summer!