Our very own Jarvis Beach (recently renamed Marion Mahoney Griffin Beach) had made the cut - ranked #12 of the Top 25 Beaches in the US.

In a list heavy with selections from sunnier states like Florida, California and, of course, Hawaii, Rogers Park has stunned the sun bathing community by appearing in this prestigious list.

“Its sort of like the Loyola Ramblers,” said frequent beachcomber Donald Rathbone. “We are the sleeper beach that just surprises everyone.”

Frequented by dogs, dog owners, yoga devotees and, in summer months, bitchy life guards, Jarvis Beach has developed a reputation as simply an excellent place to catch a sunrise in the morning and catch something else if hanging out there with like minded neighbors late night.

“My favorite summer activity is crashing other people’s barbecues,” said Breaker’s resident, Alejandro Silverstein. “In fact, there is a whole group of us who do it. We work the crowd at family reunions, smiling, claiming we are someone's cousin, and before we know it, people are offering us beers and slabs of ribs. 

Heck. At a Chabad Rogers Park summer picnic lead by Rabbi Yoel Wolf last August, I nearly OD’d on his wife Rivky’s matzah ball soup!"

In 2017, Alderman Moore introduced an ordinance renaming Jarvis Beach to Marion Mahoney Griffin Beach, in honor of Marion Mahoney Griffin Beach from the well renown Beach family, who lived for many years on Estes. Marion’s only male offspring, Ezekiel Beach was unavailable for comment, which didn’t surprise area residents, who claim that Ezekiel is “a son of a Beach.".