So many of us have fond high school memories - especially during the Fall.

How wonderful to remember the newness of a new school year combined with certain American traditions, like homecoming. football games on cool and crisp Autumn Saturdays.
How awesome to see that such traditions exist in our local high schools, including Roger C. Sullivan High.
On Saturday, October 15, 2022. a majestic Fall afternoon, I attended Sullivan football game vs rival Senn HS at Winnemac Field.
Sullivan’s offense looks lackluster through nearly the entire game. The defense played great - shutting down Senn’s offense in the final minute of the first half - four plays inside the 10 yard line..
4th quarter - less than a minute left and a Sullivan defensive back returned a fumble nearly 60 yards to tie the game, 6 - 6. 
Here is the extra point.