The upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions and the (ahem) campaign ad posted on this website might cause many of us to start paying a bit more attention to November's big election.

Many pundits claim that this Presidential election – more so than others - will have a dire impact on the future of this country. In fact, some say that America's ability to remain a great nation depends wholeheartedly on our choice – and that irreversible decline will result if we choose incorrectly.

Listening to POTIS political radio the other day, the analysts voiced their belief that over 95% of American voters have already made up their mind. The only issue, they said, was which party could generate the highest turn out.

Those who remain undecided (and I realize there are woefully few of them in Rogers Park) might consider answering these two questions.

1. Which of our Presidential candidates would you select to run a corporation for which you were a major shareholder?
2. Which of our Presidential candidates would you select to raise your children if you were no longer able to do so?

Running a business and running a country are far different challenges. Corporations are charged with one goal – increasing its value for shareholders. Presidents have much more on their plate than simply assuring that the American economy grows – but few will doubt that the economic theories embraced by a President, his business acumen and his choice of advisors hugely impact America's economy.

Similarly, raising children and running a country are far different chores. Yet are the skill sets required to raise good children all that different then what is required to lead our citizenry and to represent our country on the world stage? Parents frequently consider which parenting strategies will help them raise healthy and independent children, and what kind of resources we deploy to aid those who are most challenged, particularly when resources are more scarce.

Do Presidents draw on similar skills when considering the needs of the American people?

For certain demographics, including Rogers Park, most people will prefer the same person for all three positions.

But if you are among those who choose different candidates for different jobs, would you prefer that your President be a business leader or a good Dad?