Dear Friends,

Each year I send an email out to my friends and family asking support for the Fall Fundraiser for Family Matters, an organization that I actively support.

Starting my second year as a Board member, I have had several opportunities to appreciate what this 20 + year organization does.

Centered around the "Principles of Leadership" developed by Family Matters founder Kim DeLong, the organization plays a vital role assisting families living in Rogers Park's North of Howard community, with its primary focus being on developing vital life skills. I see the benefit of Family Matters programing each time I have contact with a Family Member client. Each time I interact with a caring, committed Family Matters staff person, I understand why we enjoy the success that we do.

I am writing to discuss my plans with this years' Spring 21st Annual Family Matters Walk-a-thon, scheduled for Saturday, May 15.

The event is Family Matter's most important fund-raiser of the year, with funds raised supporting children and families in the North of Howard community.  Family Matters has a marvelous tutoring program, an exceptional after-school program for children ages 5 – 12, and programs for teen boys and teen girls.  FM does a lot of work with our local Chicago Public School – Gale Academy – and at the community center that the organization was instrumental in making a reality.  You can find out more at familymatterschicago.org.

This year I intend to honor the splendid memory of my dog, Shorty, who, two years ago, accompanied me (along with my nephew Eric, then 19 years old), for the five mile walk. What differentiated Shorty from Eric was that - unlike Eric - Shorty did not complain once during the walk  (though he later confessed to me that the walk was RUFF). He embraced the experience, peeing on just about every second tree that he found along the route, and, upon completion, he patiently waited his turn before lapping up his water. (This being a fundraising letter supporting a family oriented organization, I won't get into the peeing proclivity of my nephew Eric.)

Some of you know about the long standing wonderful relationship I had with Shorty, who, last year, I had to put down, after a long, full life, spent mostly in the back seat of my car.

This year, on May 15, I ask you to help me honor him. Be part of the Inaugural Year of TEAM SHORTY!

How can you do this?

Open your IPhone or Blackberry or hand written calendar. Look up "Saturday - May 15th; 9:00AM."

If you have something else planned, cancel it. Email or call me and tell me that you (and your kids, grandkids, best friend, worst enemy) want to be part of Team Shorty (Cost $20; though we ask members of Team Shorty to consider contributing $50, and encourage others to sponsor you.) The Walk-a-thon is always a wonderful, joyous event; picnic to follow with great foods contributed from some of the community's best restaurants (we got Stew!); and the path takes us through the beautiful northern part of Rogers Park, along the lake, through South Evanston, and back.

Why not do this and support a phenomenal cause?

If you simply cannot attend, you can still support TEAM SHORTY and be an honorary member of our team by pledging financial support.

Simply reply to this email and tell me how much you would like to sponsor on behalf of our Team. $200? Awesome. $100? Still very much appreciated. $50? $20? Just do your best - honor the best dog ever, and support a worthwhile organization that, in light of these tough financial times, needs the funds and the support!

Or, you can go onto the Family Matters website and contribute directly www.familymatterschicago.org.

Our goal is an aggressive one: we want to set the record for the most money ever raised by a team named after a dog. $5000 is our goal. In the calm, patient manner that exemplified Shorty, we intend to sniff out these dollars!

Thank you for your support.


Michael Glasser, Captain