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Posting Classifieds, Comments and Calendar events, be aware:
We, and Magellen Marketing Solutions, reserve the right to remove or not post any content we deem offensive, inflammatory, slanderous or inappropriate for any reason.

You, the user, understand that submissions to the Free Classifieds section (Parking, Roomates, and For Sale) and to the Calendar must be relevant to the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago or it will not be posted.

You, the user, understand that any views expressed on this website or in the ads thereon are the views solely of the authors of the ad and not of, Magellen Marketing Solutions or any of the folks who work for them.

You, the user, agree that you are responsible for paying any amount listed on our website as the charge for the ad. Please see our Ad Pricing page for our current rates. You are responsible regardless of whether your apartment rents or your home/condo sells prior to the end of the ad term you have purchased. Likewise, deletion of your ad before its scheduled expriation date does not alleviate you of the responsiblity of payment for the full term of the ad.

You, the user, understand that all ads in the Apartments and Homes and Condos section are for one Home/Condo or Apartment. You may not change the address of the advertised building after the ad is posted. If you want to advertise another building, you must purchase an additional ad.

Community Organizations"

Rogers Park Builders Group
The Rogers Park Builders Group (RPBG) was founded in 1993 by real estate professionals, independent property owners and financial institutions to help the community realize its potential.
learn more

Rogers Park Community Council
The Rogers Park Community Council (RPCC) is a membership organization that has been serving the Rogers Park community for over 50 years. Our programs provide key services to our community residents, including seniors, victims of domestic violence, tenants & landlords, and immigrants and refugees.
learn more

RP BizArts
The Rogers Park Business and Artists Networking Group was formed in May 2001 as a way for local business owners and artists to promote each others skills through the power of networking.
learn more

Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society
Gather and preserve the history of Rogers Park and West Ridge as a vital part of the City of Chicago, placing local history in its larger context, providing interactive education about those communities to the public. Researchers always welcome - learn more about your local history!
learn more

Rogers Park Garden Group
The RPGG's mission is to promote gardening in the Rogers Park community (from Devon north to the city limits, Lake Michigan west to Ridge Avenue) through education and by assisting in the growth and development of green places. The RPGG meets monthly, usually the last Tuesday of the month at 7 pm from April through October (with special events in July and September).
learn more

Neighborhood Parents Network of Chicago
Neighborhood Parents Network of Chicago (NPN) is the largest organized parent resource network in Chicago. NPN is the trusted resource for connecting Chicago parents. Find the support, information, and connections you need to tackle the every day challenges of being a parent. Get connected with other families all over Chicago online and in person. Easily find parents in your own neighborhood and with similar interests.
learn more
We are a team of dedicated volunteers who work with our neighbors, local business owners, elected officials, and other community partners to help organize and participate in great community-building events and activities.
learn more

The Rotary Club of Chicago—Far North
The Club was Chartered on June 14, 2001 as The Rotary Club of Chicago-Rogers Park. In 2005, the Club changed its name to The Rotary Club of Chicago-Far North as it expanded its reach to neighboring communities. Now, the Club serves Rogers Park, West Ridge, Andersonville, Edgewater, Uptown, and other surrounding neighborhoods. The Club is part of District 6450, The Birthplace of Rotary.
learn more

The Recyclery Collective
The Recyclery Collective seeks to build community through the restoration of donated and discarded bicycles.
learn more

Rogers Park Business Alliance
Rogers Park Business Alliance's mission is to improve Rogers Park through business, community and economic development activities We value the diversity of Rogers Park and diligently work to enhance it through balanced growth.
learn more

Insight Arts
Insight Arts is a contemporary arts organization dedicated to increasing access to cultural work that supports progressive social change. Our unique organizational model allows us to engage in community based, regional and national work.
learn more

Glenwood Sunday Market
The Glenwood Sunday Market will open for the season June 6th! How exciting is it that Rogers Park's new farmers' market will be among the greenest markets in the City of Chicago? What makes us so green? All of our farmers are organic growers or are in the process of transitioning to organic. All are within 200 miles of Rogers Park.
learn more

24th District CAPS - Community Policing
The Chicago Police Department, as part of, and empowered by the community, is committed to protect the lives, property and rights of all people, to maintain order and to enforce the law impartially.We will provide quality police service in partnership with other members of the community.To fulfill our mission, we will strive to attain the highest degree of ethical behavior and professional conduct at all times.
learn more

Little People Day Care & Kindergarten
Welcome to Little People Day Care and Kindergarten! We have been serving the Rogers Park community since 1979 and love teaching Chicago's Little People! Contact us Today @ 773-761-2305
learn more

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