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Walmart Coming to Rogers Park - Update

Posted on March 31, 2011
Yes this was an April Fools hoax: A phone conversation with Ald. Joe Moore has confirmed that a deal has been struck to bring a Mini Walmart to the 49th ward, at the corner of Greenview and Jarvis. The 10,000 sq foot three story structure, said to be Leed certified and a benchmark for green retail, is scheduled to be completed by October of this year. Given the alderman's past fight to keep Walmart, the worlds largest retailer, from entering the city on the grounds that Walmart drives independently owned retailers out of business and does not provide workers with a living wage, we were just a little surprised. When asked how the deal happened, the alderman is quoted as saying, "the people have spoken, and the participatory budgeting process was the driving force." Participatory Budgeting is Ald Moore's much heralded process where by he allows the citizens of the ward to vote on how the 1.3 million dollars in menu money allotted to each alderman, is spent. "The economy is still in trouble and the people of the 49th ward want and need jobs" Joe said. The alderman also said he understands how this may come as a shock to some but at the end of the day " the people decide, not me." We don't have any details regarding the number of jobs or what this might mean in terms of tax revenue to report at this time, but we will be following this story and plan to provide updates as soon as we have them. A news conference is scheduled for Monday. For more in on how the participatory budgeting process works, click here >>
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