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Tricoci University in Rogers Park Celebrates Graduates

Posted on January 13, 2012

Dawna Bowers
Priscy Salgado
Erica Barrera
Trevona Smith

From right to left the top row Jocelyn Mcgee, Latoya Bell and Jasmine
White.  The bottom row from right to left is Maribel Navarrete, Dawna Bowers
and Erica Barrera.


Tricoci University of Beauty Culture (TUBC) is the premiere beauty education
provider that is redefining the industry and producing salon-ready graduates
prepared for successful careers. Founded by international beauty industry
leader Mario Tricoci in 2004, TUBC is developing a new type of professional
for the beauty industry by using innovative teaching methods and facilities
for students seeking to become successful cosmetologists, estheticians, and
beauty school teachers. Besides the Rogers Park campus, there are seven
other TUBC campuses in Illinois and Indiana. To learn more about TUBC, visit, or

To schedule an appointment, please call 773-764-6458

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