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The Results of the 49th Ward Underpass Mural Vote “Mass Underpass Murals Project”

Posted on August 27, 2010

Nearly 600 49th Ward residents voted this weekend at the Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival to select the artistic murals that will grace CTA and Metra underpasses in the 49th Ward.

The underpass mural project was one of the projects approved by the voters in Ald. Moore’s Participatory Budgeting Election last April, and the 24 finalists were among over 200 proposed mural designs that were submitted for consideration. 

To view a slide show of the murals that were under consideration, visit 

Below are the winners of the election. The name of the work is followed by the ballot position, the artist, and the number of votes the work received.  Four of the winners are Rogers Park or Edgewater residents (indicated by an asterisk (*)). 

1.  “Let’s Bring the Birch Trees Back to Rogers Park” (#14),
    Joanna White (430 votes)
2.  “Next to Each Other” (#24), Zsofia Otvos (322 votes)
3.  (tie) “Daisy Fields” (# 2),Brenda Barnum (314 votes)*
    “Imagination Street” (#12), Jen Pagnini (314 votes)*
4.  “Tribute to the Fish of Lake Michigan” (#1),
    Amanda Paulson (286 votes)
5.  “Faces of Rogers Park” (#4), Christopher Royal (261 votes)*
6.  “Respiration” (#9), Hebru Brantley (260 votes)
7.  “United We Flow” (#10), Jason Brammer (246 votes)
8.  “Interrelations” (#16), Jose Andreu (234 votes)
9.  “Say, Say, Say” (#13), Jeremy Tinder (231 votes)
10. “In Dreams” (#5), Dan Bellini and Jennifer Cronin (225 votes)
11. (tie) “Urban Oasis” (#17),
    Natalie Clark and Leah Tumerman (220 votes)
    “Birds, Bugs, Butterflies and Beauty” (#20), Molly Z (220 votes)*

Each winning artist will receive a stipend of $5,500 to execute their murals and will select one of the following underpasses on which to paint their murals: 
CTA Underpasses
Union Pacific (Metra) Underpasses

All the underpass walls have been, or soon will be, power washed with the goal of all winning muralists completing their work before the end of this year.

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to the over 200 artists who submitted proposals to the competition.  It’s a testament to the community that so many artists wished to have their work displayed in the 49th Ward.

For additional information visit

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