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Spring Workshops 2011

Posted on March 14, 2011

Spring Workshops 2011

Workshops are one or two day classes, limited to a maximum of 10 students per class. 

Origami with Annie Yanowitz
, Teen to Adult · Tuition: $60 · 1 day, 3 hours
Saturday 11am-2 pm · April 2
This workshop will introduce origami, the art of Japanese paper folding. We will learn the range of basic folds and build on these to make some more complex models. There will be hand outs to take home so you can continue to make models on your own.

Acting with a Pencil with Tom Hicke
, Ages 8-13 · Tuition: $25 ·1 day, 2 hours
Saturday 12 - 2 pm · April 2
Draw a scene from Little Red Riding Hood taking the Big Bad Wolf’s point of view. Imagine Goldie Lox in the house of Three Dinosaurs. Learn to draw unique pictures that are so full of energy that they appear to leap from the page. Create rough sketches and develop finished color drawings using the working methods practiced by top storyboard artists and cartoonists. Bring a 9” x12” sketchbook, two #2 pencils, a kneadable eraser and your imagination to class.

Crochet with Annie Yanowitz
, Ages 7-Adult · Tuition: $60 · 1 day, 3 hours
Sunday 11am-2 pm · April 3
This workshop will introduce beginners to the art of crochet. We will cover: the menu of basic stitches that form the building blocks of all crochet; how to read patterns; a brief survey of how crochet is being used right now in contemporary art (it’s not just for granny squares and Afghans!)
Puppet making with Annie Yanowitz, Pre- Schoolers · Tuition: $15 ·1 day, 1 hour
Saturday 11-12 noon · April 9
In this workshop geared for the youngest artists, children will explore a range of fun and creative materials to make their own puppets. Dress for mess!
Puppet making with Annie Yanowitz, Ages 5-8 · Tuition: $15 ·1 day, 1 hour
Saturday 1-2pm · April 9
In this workshop geared for the youngest artists, children will explore a range of fun and creative materials to make their own puppets. Dress for mess!

Digital Photography with Steve Nyktas
, Ages 15-Adult Tuition: $60 ·1 day, 3 hours Saturday 11am- 2 pm · April 9
This workshop is for beginners. It’s designed to give students a basic understanding of digital photography. The three-hour class will be divided roughly in half. The first half is lecture and discussion, covering the fundamentals of photography. The second half is hands-on practice taking pictures with a variety of settings and lighting situations.
Required Supplies: Digital SLR
Optional Supplies: If possible, please bring a laptop (or iPad) which you can use to download and view your pictures.

A Taste of Knitting with Sarah Nyktas
, Ages 7-Adult · Tuition: $60 ·1 day, 2 hours
Sunday 11am-2 pm · April 10
For beginners who want to try knitting before the 6 week knitting session starts, or for those who need a push before taking off on their own. Students will learn casting on, the basic knit stitch, and the purl stitch if they are feeling adventurous. Supplies: One set of straight needles size US 8 to 10.5 and one ball of yarn that calls for your needle size. Choose a plain yarn - nothing frilly or sparkly - it must be normal in order for you to see your stitches.
Intro to Photoshop Pro with Janet Rooney
Ages 15-Adult · Tuition $60 · 1 day, 3 hours
Saturday 3-6 pm · April 16

Adobe Photoshop Pro has many capabilities including altering digital photos and combining images together into a collage. This course will offer a short introduction to the common tools as well as participation in a couple demonstrations of what you can create yourself from your own computer. Your instructor will be projecting the Photoshop application in large format so you can follow along as you explore and play on your own computer.
You must have a laptop or computer you can bring to class with the following minimum requirements for the latest version of Photoshop:
Windows                                               Mac OS
· Intel Pentium 4                                       · Multi layer Intel Processor
· XP with service pack 3 or later operating system         · Mac OS X v10.5.7 or later
· 1GB of hard-disk space                                 · 2GB of hard-disk space
Both Platforms
· 1GB of RAM
· 1024 x 768 display with OpenGL graphics card, 16-bit color, and 256MB of VRAM
· Broadband internet connection for download of trial version
While the instructor will be projecting the latest version (Adobe Photoshop CS5), you can use a slightly older version and follow along just as well. Please see the Adobe Website for the requirements for those versions. The latest version is available as a free download trial version for a 30day period is you don’t want to make the financial commitment for the class.

Wood block Printmaking with Renee Witherwax
Teen to Adult · Tuition: $60, 1 day, 4 hrs
Sunday 1-5 pm· April 17
You will learn the basic tools and techniques of this surprisingly versatile graphic medium by first creating a black and white print. Then, you will move on to creating a multiple color print using two or three registered blocks. Block cutting and printing tools are supplied. All levels welcome.

Portfolio Building with Laura Olear Teen to Adult · Tuition: $60, 1 day, 4 hrs
Saturday 1-4 pm · April 30
This 4 hour workshop will focus on individual portfolio reviews, so bring a representative sampling (5-10 pieces) of your work. You may bring actual artwork, photos or digital displays on your laptop. Advice will be targeted to your own goals and expectations. This workshop is suitable for both students building portfolios for college entrance as well as emerging artists seeking gallery representation. Be prepared to speak honestly about your own work, contribute to discussion, and be open to constructive criticism!

Create a Website or Web Blog with Janet Rooney

Ages 15-Adult · Tuition $60 ·1 day, 3 hours
Saturday 3-6pm · May 7
Have you wanted to create a Web space of your own to show or market your work? This workshop is meant to wet your appetite to the possibilities of personal Web pages and/or Web Blogs. This will be offered in the form of computer projection by the instructor with accompanied handouts. Students who want to bring a laptop will be given files to use in order to follow the demonstration.

Knit Clinic with Sarah Nyktas,
Ages 7-Adult · Tuition: $60 · 2 days, 2 hours each Sundays 1-3 pm · May 15, 22
Stuck in the middle of a project and don’t know what to do? Forgot how to cast on? Can’t figure out how to pick up that dropped stitch? Sarah will help you get back on your feet with a few tricks on fixing knitting mistakes and/or guidance with your current project. Please bring your personal project and supplies. For the tips and tricks portion of the workshop bring worsted weight yarn and approx size US 8 needles. (If they have a quick question about what to bring to class for their project or something its ok for them to email me.)

For more information or a complete description of Workshops please call the art center 773-465-4652 or go to, click on Classes.

You can register by phone, by mail or in person at Greenleaf Art Center.
The Art Center now accepts Credit Cards.
Greenleaf Art Center 1806 West Greenleaf Ave, Chicago IL 60626

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