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Spotlight - Little People Day Care & Kindergarten

Posted on November 21, 2011

Welcome to Little People Day Care and Kindergarten!

We have been serving the Rogers Park community since 1979 and love teaching Chicago’s Little People!

Contact us Today @ 773-761-2305 or visit our website

Our Vision

To provide a service for parents while they work.
To give children a head start to be ready for school and academic success.
To enhance children’s self-concept and social skills as they learn to get along in the world.
To ensure children have a childhood that is full of play, adventure and investigation.
To create a community where the adults and children experience a sense of connection and new possibilities for making the world a better place.
To develop the child’s self-image while teaching them to think positive about outcomes in their lives.
To have a loving environment where the child feels safe and secure and excited about their learning experiences.
To help parents to feel tat their children are in a safe environment and that the child is happy when the parents pick them up. To help the parents not feel guilty about leaving their child.
To be positive everyday about each child’s growth and development and work from our hearts. To help each child be successful.
To believe and have faith daily.
To trust God in all our endeavors.

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