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Rogers Park Welcomes First Avocado Store (Please scroll through the end and click for pizza offer)

Posted on April 01, 2017

As if you didn’t know it already APRIL FOOLS!

Mr. Emuwa is the Principal at Gale Math & Science Academy, 1631 W Jonquil, Chicago, IL which serves children pre K through 8th. The crown jewel of Gale’s annex building is an incredible greenhouse and garden, which, through the oversight of Tonia Andreina of The Genesis Project at A Just Harvest, youth at Gale are reaping all the fruit from learning gardening skills.

“The impact that learning gardening has on building the children’s curiosity and knowledge of science is incredible” says Ms. Andreina. “Our green space learning initiative helps students learn to think on their own and be motivated to transcend self and their community through decisive action.

At Ms. Andreina’s side stood a mother of one of the students, Ms. Shapree Mallory, who was beaming with pride, as the day before, her 12 year old daughter, Azaria, learned that the Chicago Botanical Garden awarded hers and another student, a boy age 10, with a two week scholarship camp. “My daughter just screamed with delight when she learned that she won a scholarship” exclaimed Ms. Mallory.

The Botanic Garden learned about Gale’s students as a result of them conducting a gardening program at the greenhouse a month back, a program organized by Gale’s Community Resource Liaison, Carol Melnick, and funded by a grant from the Rogers Park Builders Group

Watch this brief two-minute video to learn more.

Principal Emuwa, Andreina, Mallory and Melnick encourage members of the community to visit Gale and, in particular, its impressive green space, and work with the Gale leadership and the staff from The Genesis Project at A Just Harvest to maximize the benefits that this space has to offer Gale’s students. To set up a visit, email Ms. Andreina at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

While touring, be sure to ask to sample an orange avocado!

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