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rogers park parent goodbye and hello

Posted on December 20, 2009

Dear Rogers Park Parents:

Well, it was about 3 years ago when another mom and I met on the beach in Rogers Park. We had dogs, BIG bellies full of baby, and a lot of enthusiasm for the neighborhood. After we had our babies, we continued to meet and talk about building a community of parents. I had visions of parents joining each other at playgroups, organizing to improve the schools, and cooking each other meals after new additions come. We also knew that with the growing number of parents in the neighborhood that we could be a force to help calm the streets, fight crime, and make the neighborhood truly the best place in the world to live! Oh, yeah, AND throw great parties.

And, with 500 members and hundreds of activities, I would say YOU have really made our dream come true!

It is with a lot of sadness (and some excitement) that I write this letter to say that my family is leaving the country and thus Rogers Park. We are moving to Vancouver, BC. It is a great place and one of the few places in the world I would ever leave Rogers Park for. Yet, should you ever wonder, what we have here is truly miraculous. I have yet to find a place anywhere else in the world where a person can live in a huge, historic condo right on a park and lake in the middle of a neighborhood with over 60 languages spoken and not have to be rich to do it! Wow! I have felt lucky every day I lived here. (Oh, yeah, and our amazing condo is for sale just waiting for another RP family to love it!)

Stephanie Ward who has wowed us all with her great party planning skills will take over the leadership of the group. I am so happy to have met Stephanie when she planned our first MAJOR Halloween party last year and to know the group’s leadership will be in her very capable hands. And a very very special thanks to all of you who participate in the group and especially to all the volunteers who post our activities; plan the parties, playgroups, and events; read our children stories; and otherwise give your time to help make this community such a great place to live.

Thank you all so much! And look me up if you are ever in Vancouver. My email is still aufochs at mac dot com.


manda, sadhu, zella rose and the dogs

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