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Rogers Park Community Council Announcement

Posted on December 28, 2011

Dear Friend,
In my four years as Executive Director of the Rogers Park Community Council, I have personally witnessed how meaningful the service provided by our program staff has been for the scores of clients who have passed through our doors. Sometimes the acts of service impact on clients’ lives dramatically. Sometimes the effects are small, incremental and deeply significant. 
When our Housing Director finds an apartment for a family facing eviction or secures the timely return of a wrongfully withheld security deposit, the relief and impact are obvious.  When domestic violence victims see the criminal justice system work as it should, meting out appropriate penalties for abuse and affording protection for survivors, the powerful effect of our VASP staff’s intervention is plain.
Sometimes, however, it is the small act of kindness that can bring about a lasting impression.  When a Bosnian immigrant needs a notarized letter - in English- granting permission for her teenage daughter to travel home to visit her grandparents and we provide it quickly and free-of-charge, her pleasure and gratitude clearly come from the heart.  When, on a daily basis, our next door neighbors from the senior building come in for faxes, photocopies, help understanding a bill or just to say hello and chat, the importance of our agency in their lives cannot be understated.
For these reasons, large and small, we turn to our supporters and friends this holiday season to ask you to help us keep our doors open so that our clients may continue to pass through them during the coming year. Please click and DONATE today.
Happy Holidays!
Elizabeth Vitell

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