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Posted on June 18, 2010

Brian Koehler is teaching the classes. Brian is a well known musician in Rogers Park and beyond. He is in high demand on our teaching staff and also owns and manages his own silk screening company, which has quickly become the premiere band merchandise manufacturer in the city. Brian’s unique style of teaching embraces the beginning and intermediate student and his specialty is band development.


A five week program designed to teach your young budding superstar musicians how to compose their own original songs with emphasis on both music and lyrics…Mozart started composing at the young age of 5. Who knows what your kid might write during this session! By the end of the 5 week session, the kids will choose their own band name, design a logo, receive a band t-shirt and poster reflecting their own individual design, compose a group song, record it with a live back up band and receive a CD of their professionally recorded original song! Whoa!!! It takes some bands years to do all of that, and these kids will do it all in 5 weeks!


Mondays and Thursdays from 4:00 - 5:00pm, June 28th - July 29th.
Mondays will focus on learning music and creative writing.
Thursdays will focus on having fun with music!


At the store, 6749 N. Sheridan Rd.

Because you need a break from the kids! Treat yourself! Unload them on us for a couple of hours every week…

The total cost of the entire music summer session is only $150.00, which includes all of the classes, the t-shirt, poster, recording session and CD. That’s far less than a babysitter and your kids are learning something!

This is the first time we have ever offered anything like this at Flatts and Sharpe. So PLEASE register as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Please respond to this email if you are interested in the class including the following information:
Parent Name and Child Name

Payment will be due by the first day of class, June 28th. It can be given over the phone or in person with a credit card. Cash and credit will be accepted at the store as well.
Have a Musical Day!
- Chris

Here is a schedule of some of the fun things we have planned for
July 1st - The kids will be introduced to the idea of creating a band name and logo. Art supplies will be provided at the lesson, and the kids will be encouraged to work on this at home until the final art work is due.
July 8th - We will bring a band in for the kids to jam with. We will bring in Chicago musicians to help give advice about song writing technique as well as play along with the kids as they strum along playing familiar chords.
July 15th - Music Show and Tell. We will have the kids pick out their favorite songs and Brian will ask the kids to explain why they like the song. He will ask them to do this using terms they will be familiar with from composing music on Mondays.
July 22nd - Final artwork is due on the band logo and name each kid has come up with. Brian will due a final critique on everyone’s artwork assuring the poster and t shirt will come out how the kid wants it. In the remaining time the class will focus on practicing the song they wrote.
July 29th - Recording Session! The kids will all perform together while we supplement the bass, drums and any other necessary instruments by local musicians. The CDs will be available the following week.

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