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Community Meeting to Discuss Loyola’s Proposal to Amend Its Planned Development

Posted on September 10, 2010

A Planned Development (PD) zoning designation is required for numerous types of projects, including those that involve institutional and campus-oriented projects, such as Loyola University’s campus.  The designation is intended to ensure adequate public review, encourage unified planning and development, promote economically beneficial development patterns that are compatible with the character of the existing neighborhood, allow design flexibility, and encourage the protection and conservation of the city’s natural resources.

The Planned Development review process is divided into two parts.  Part I involves basic zoning controls and statements intended to guide the development of a particular site.  Part II requires a review of actual project plans prior to construction.

The review process also requires public hearings before the Chicago Plan Commission and City Council Committee on Zoning prior to a vote by the full City Council.
Additional information about Planned Developments can be found in Chapter 17-8 of the Chicago Zoning Ordinance.

Loyola’s current Planned Development was developed and approved in 1997.  Loyola wishes to amend the Planned Development to include a number of proposed new developments and add certain parcels that it has acquired over the years.  Most of the new developments have been the subject of community meetings over the last few years.

For a complete summary of Loyola’s proposal to amend and update its Planned Development, including a link to the actual application, CLICK HERE.

I urge you to attend the meeting to offer your opinions of the proposal.  If you are unable to attend, please feel free to reply to this e-mail with your thoughts and suggestions.


Joe Moore

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