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Chicago International Film Festival in Rogers Park

Posted on October 05, 2011

The 47th Chicago
International Film Festival


When we held the first Chicago International Film Festival, we couldn’t have imagined where the medium of film was headed. Today, you can have a film from around the world delivered straight to your door. You can download a film to your cell phone or stream it to your computer screen.

Call us old school, but we still love settling into a dark theater full of people to watch that giant screen come alive with pictures of far-off lands. Nothing quite compares to that electrifying sense of discovery you get when you see something fresh and exciting for the first time on the big screen.

This year we will be presenting more than 180 films from 50 countries, including over 45 films by first-time directors. This year’s crop of talented new filmmakers will take you on a provocative and touching journey to lands near and far. They could very well become the next Martin Scorsese, Peter Weir, Mike Leigh or Bertrand Tavernier, themselves among dozens of directors who also showed their first film at the Festival.

Each film provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the sights, sounds and experiences of other cultures and the chance to hear and maybe even meet some of the artists behind them. The languages may be different, but the emotions are the same. Film unites us like no other popular art form can.

Azhagarsamy’s Horse

The small village of Mallayapuram is frantic when they realize the holy wooden statue of god Azhagarsamy’s horse is missing from the local temple. When a real horse turns up soon after, people are convinced it is the wooden horse come to life bringing luck to the drought-striken village. However when a man named (would you believe it) Azhagarsamy arrives claiming the horse is his, the entire village turns topsy-turvy in this delightful comic romp. For more info and tickets go here»

Flying Fish

The devastating consequences of civil war are set against breathtaking vistas of Sri Lanka as three separate stories are explored: a father and daughter’s relationship is tested after an encounter with a soldier leaves her pregnant, an impoverished family must find a way to manage their debt to the rebels, and a young boy discovers his widowed mother’s sexual affair. For more info and tickets go here»

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