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“My Worst Day Ever” - a local resident shares her 9/11 experience

By Elissa Jones Fastening my seatbelt, I settled back into the airplane seat. I was looking forward to takeoff, so that I could then go to sleep. The previous night, my mind had continually raced through a series of agitated, aimless thoughts, and I had gotten to O'hare on - shall we say - "autopilot.” Sure, I'm still a little scared of flying, even while finding it exciting. 'Intellectually, I know it's safer than driving. We just hear more about plane crashes than car accidents,' I reassured myself. I looked out the window. It was a sunny morning. Too bad I wouldn't see much of it.
Posted on September 11, 2011

Scared to go Home - Active Thread on Everyblock

There is an interesting thread on Everyblock right now, where neighbors are helping neighbors deal with a problem building and potential drug dealing. Go here to read or contribute>>>
Posted on August 29, 2011

Help Family Matters’ Teen Girls get $9000 Grant

Help Family Matters’ Teen Girls get $9000 Grant Family Matters' Teen Girls Programs have the opportunity to be awarded a $9000 grant from the Women’s Sports Foundation. There are four organizations competing for this grant and the one that gets the most votes wins! Please vote for our video! The grant would be used to support the girls in our community in establishing an active and healthy lifestyle through our teen-led FEEL Fit Initiative. Please vote daily and encourage everyone you know to do the same – via email, Facebook, Twitter or any other methods you utilize to communicate with family and friends. Voting ends at 11:59 EST, Wednesday, August 31, 2011.
Posted on August 26, 2011

808’s Youth Empowerment thru Dance to Perform on Thursday, Aug 25th

808’s Youth Empowerment thru Dance to Perform on Thursday, Aug 25th By Dominique Johns, for Three highly skilled dancers, all young Rogers Park residents in their early 20s, a youth leader, and a theatrical and talented young lady joined forces this summer, out of a mutual concern over gullable at risk youth in the North of Howard community of Rogers Park. Only five short weeks ago we created 808's: Youth Empowerment through Dance. Our vision: to create a refuge for the youth that helps empower, motivate, inspire, and build hope; to help young teens be more in control of their own minds.
Posted on August 23, 2011

Post Offices on the Line as More People go Online - By Susanna Pak

t takes 66-year-old Bernard Thompson between a half-hour and 45 minutes to propel himself to his neighborhood post office on Paulina Street in Rogers Park. “I get out as much as I can,” said Thompson, who uses a wheelchair. “Even though it takes me a long time… I get out.” The 15-year resident of Rogers Park used to have his mail delivered to his home on North Ashland Avenue, but not long after he moved to the neighborhood, he opened a P.O. Box. “Dope dealers and dope addicts would come in there and steal your check out between the first and the third of every month,” Thompson said. “So they did that about three times, and me and my wife got tired of it so we opened a P.O. Box.”
Posted on August 15, 2011

Member Spotlight - Attorney Denise DeBelle

Member Spotlight  - Attorney Denise DeBelle I have fifteen years experience in state and federal court and in a variety of administrative forums. I am proud of my successes in assisting those whose rights have been violated! Education, Memberships, Awards, and Community Service ♦ J.D., IIT-Kent College of Law ♦ B.A. (Urban Planning), University of Illinois, Urbana ♦ Member, National Employment Lawyers Association - Illinois ♦ Member, Chicago Bar Association, Illinois State Bar Association ♦ Certificate of Recognition from the Illinois House of Representatives for efforts in passing House Bill 2030 (1998) ♦ Board member, Rogers Park Business Alliance (2009- present ) • Member, Business Partners for Uptown and West Ridge Chamber of Commerce • President, Indian Boundary Park Advisory Council (2007-2008) • Pro bono attorney, Amicus Polonia (10+ years) Learn more here>>
Posted on August 01, 2011

The End of an Era North of Howard

The End of an Era North of Howard North Howard Neighbors Association: In the fall of 1987, Sister Cecilia Fandel of the Servants of Mary Order (founded in 1233 in Florence, Italy) arrived at the Howard Area Community Center to begin her service to the residents of the North of Howard community. It would be the beginning of a 24 year commitment that officially ended with her retirement at the end of June 2011. Over the years, Sister Cecilia has been a dedicated 'community activist' providing leadership, direction and spiritual guidance to thousands of residents. Our neighborhood would be a far different place were it not for her work and commitment over the years.
Posted on July 28, 2011

Chez Violette offers a taste of Haiti

Chez Violette offers a taste of Haiti By Megan Millard for Violetta Adrien always had a passion for cooking, and Chez Violette, a restaurant located at 2311 West Howard Street specializing in Haitian food that she owns with her husband, Samson is simply a dream come true. But the story behind this couple and their restaurant extends further back than its opening date, December 3, 2010. Violetta’s love for cooking came at an early age in her native country of Haiti, where it is traditional for the oldest girl to cook for her family. “When people eat and compliment her food, she likes it,” Samson said.
Posted on July 21, 2011

SP Kebab offers taste of Europe

SP Kebab offers taste of Europe By Megan Millard for It’s not a gyro place. In fact, it’s not even a place you could compare to the hundreds and hundreds of other restaurants in Chicago. Tucked away in at the intersection of Pratt and Sheridan with vacant lots on either side, SP Kebab offers a taste of Europe that its owners say is unique. Peter and his wife decided to open the restaurant together. “One of the first things we did was we painted the walls orange,” she said. “We didn’t have any signs or advertisements outside that we were opening soon.”
Posted on July 01, 2011

Volunteer Opportunities-RPCC

The Rogers Park Community Council has formed a Nominating Committee to gather volunteers for service as Board members for either RPCC or the Rogers Park Development Corporation (a wholly owned subsidiary of RPCC). The Nominating Committee members for 2011 are Lorraine Dostal, Dick Gregory and Sarah Lisy.
Posted on July 01, 2011

Check out Mary’s Bao’s and Neil Lifton’s latest Video

Posted on June 29, 2011

Rogers Park Community Council - Lakefront News

Rogers Park Community Council - Lakefront News Welcome to Issue No. 3 of the Rogers Park Community Council's Lakefront News, bringing you monthly news for and about our local nonprofit community and the people we serve. In this edition, we have some exciting news regarding one of our former Victim Advocacy Support Program clients, Monica. Read Issue #3 right here>>
Posted on June 23, 2011

2011 Artist of the Wall Festival

2011 Artist of the Wall Festival "We are pleased to announce the theme for our 18th Annual Artists of the Wall Festival. May the "Wall of Dreams" be all you wish for! Our 18th annual Father's Day Weekend event will occur over the weekend of June 18th and 19th. Applications for space reservations may be downloaded at this site,, or picked up at the Loyola Park Fieldhouse, 1230 W. Greenleaf."
Posted on June 14, 2011

A Neighborhood Success Story Beat 2431 CAPS

A Neighborhood Success Story Beat 2431 CAPS Loyola Park, a twenty acre gem in the Chicago Park District, is one of the 49th Ward’s many treasures. As with many treasures, there is often a dark side. Along with its excellent beach, large park area and recreational facilities, Loyola Park was becoming dangerous. It was plagued by group drinking, drug dealing, petty theft, prostitution and assaults. From May to November overnight camps, of people too drunk or unwilling to find their way back to their apartments, were set up behind bushes, under trees and out on the beach. A community park was becoming lost to the community. Read the rest here>>
Posted on June 08, 2011

Genevieve Dooley

Genevieve Dooley Genevieve Dooley, mother of third generation Rogers Park residents Dan Dooley and Steve Dooley died May 20, 2011 at Lakeshore Nursing Home, 7200 N. Sheridan Road of complications from Alzheimer’s Disease. Genevieve was very active in community life in Rogers Park during the 1960’s.
Posted on May 26, 2011

Join “Team Bud” at Family Matters Walk-A-Thon, This Saturday

Read about Bud and The Walk-A-Thon here>>
Posted on May 19, 2011

Residents React to Participatory Budgeting Year 2

Posted on May 16, 2011

Spring Chase 5K @ Heartland this Sunday May 15th

Spring Chase 5K @ Heartland this Sunday May 15th Athletes United for Peace and Heartland Cafe present SPRING CHASE 5K Sunday May 15th. Promoting friendship & Peace through sport. Meet @ Heartland Cafe 7000 N Glenwood by 8:00 AM RUN FOR FREE Post race breakfast.
Posted on May 11, 2011

Rogers Park Business and Artist Network Ten Year Anniversary Wed, May 11th

Rogers Park Business and Artist Network Ten Year Anniversary Wed, May 11th Think back to May, 2001. The nation had a new President who many feel stole the election. The federal government was enjoying a surplus. A facebook was something we might show to our children while putting them to bed. The price of gas was (inflation adjusted) $1.61. Osama Bin Laden? Few people knew who he was, but he was alive. Ten years later - how much has changed! One morning back in May, 2001 a group of local business people and artists* thought that Rogers Park needed a networking organization uniquely suited to this neighborhood. They spoke with Heartland Cafe owner Michael James who agreed to host the meeting and serve breakfast. Around 15 - 20 locals showed up with the goal being to get to know each other, what each other does professionally, and to learn about other community endeavors others were involved in. People exchanged business cards. New friendships and business relationships were established. Read Mike's full article here>>>
Posted on May 09, 2011

This week at Mess Hall! Happy May!

Mess Hall is an experimental cultural center in the heart of Rogers Park, Chicago. It's a place where visual art, radical politics, creative urban planning, applied ecological design & other things intersect & inform each other
Posted on May 02, 2011

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