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Building Paranoia in Rogers Park

Building Paranoia in Rogers Park By Larry Shure: A few years ago I found a great collection of essays in a book titled, Architecture of Fear (1997), which contained the article “Building Paranoia,” by Steven Flusty. It was adapted from a paper published for the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture in 1994 and develops a vocabulary for describing the kinds of spaces he saw being created throughout the L.A. region. I remember reading this chapter, shuddering, and being thankful that I don’t live in L.A. Read more at Larry's Blog: Ultra Local Geography
Posted on February 24, 2012

Tricoci University in Rogers Park Celebrates Graduates

Tricoci University in Rogers Park Celebrates Graduates Tricoci University of Beauty Culture (TUBC) is the premiere beauty education provider that is redefining the industry and producing salon-ready graduates prepared for successful careers. Founded by international beauty industry leader Mario Tricoci in 2004
Posted on January 13, 2012

New Board Member Joins Family Rescue

New Board Member Joins Family Rescue January 5, 2012- CHICAGO---Family Rescue, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to eliminating domestic violence in the greater Chicago metropolitan area is proud to welcome Neil Vincent to the Board of Directors.
Posted on January 09, 2012

BizArts Canned Food Drive for 2011 Completed

BizArts Canned Food Drive for 2011 Completed Canned goods contributed throughout the year at meetings of the Rogers Park Business & Artist Network (RP BizArts) found their home today, as they were delivered to Little People’s Day Care, which is completing its Food and Toy Drive to benefit Housing Opportunities for Women (HOW).
Posted on December 19, 2011

Spotlight - Little People Day Care & Kindergarten

Spotlight - Little People Day Care & Kindergarten Welcome to our newest advertiser. Check out all the wonderful things they have been doing in the neighborhood since 1979
Posted on November 21, 2011

Glenwood Sunday Market Moves Indoors

Glenwood Sunday Market Moves Indoors Mark your calendars for a wonderful series of Holiday Markets to be hosted by the Glenwood Sunday Market at The Glenwood Bar. November 13 and 20 will be devoted to Thanksgiving preparations with your favorite farmers and food artisans. December 10 and 11 will be a special Winter Holiday Farmers and Craft Event with all kinds of items both food and gifts! More details to come or feel free to contact Market Director Sheree Moratto at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 773-508-5885, ext 13.
Posted on November 10, 2011

Kegs for Kids: Drink Craft Beer to Help Kids Read Good

Kegs for Kids: Drink Craft Beer to Help Kids Read Good The annual Kegs for Kids benefit for Edgewater's Helen C. Pierce Elementary is coming up on Saturday. The craft beer tasting festival has grown out of its previous location at Metropolis Coffee, and this year's event will be at Loyola University's Mundelein Auditorium. Read the whole post on Chicagoist here>>
Posted on October 04, 2011

Please Help us Project our Work

Please Help us Project our Work My Students: Hello and Welcome! Thank you in advance for choosing my proposal to read. Our school is located in the East Rogers Park area of the City of Chicago. It serves a population of great need, 95% of our students receive free and/or reduced lunch meals. My classroom consists of twenty-two wonderful Second-Graders. These students are in the processes of acquiring a second language, English. As their teacher I can see the excitement, frustration, motivation and desire all rolled into one. As a bilingual teacher, one of my goals is to ease this transition and make it as smooth as possible. I want learning to be fun and pain-free and I think that with your help, I can do that. My Project: The resource I am requesting is an LCD Projector. This tool will not only teach my students new vocabulary, but, also, expose them to 21st Century Technology. My belief is that if we want our children to be up-to-par to other students around the world and in more affluent areas, we must provide the tools necessary to make this happen. To learn more and donate click here>>
Posted on October 03, 2011

Scared to go Home - Active Thread on Everyblock

There is an interesting thread on Everyblock right now, where neighbors are helping neighbors deal with a problem building and potential drug dealing. Go here to read or contribute>>>
Posted on August 29, 2011

Help Family Matters’ Teen Girls get $9000 Grant

Help Family Matters’ Teen Girls get $9000 Grant Family Matters' Teen Girls Programs have the opportunity to be awarded a $9000 grant from the Women’s Sports Foundation. There are four organizations competing for this grant and the one that gets the most votes wins! Please vote for our video! The grant would be used to support the girls in our community in establishing an active and healthy lifestyle through our teen-led FEEL Fit Initiative. Please vote daily and encourage everyone you know to do the same – via email, Facebook, Twitter or any other methods you utilize to communicate with family and friends. Voting ends at 11:59 EST, Wednesday, August 31, 2011.
Posted on August 26, 2011

Chicago’s First Casino Possibly in the Cards

By Susanna Pak Almaz Yigizaw expanded her Edgewater restaurant Ethiopian Diamond to a Rogers Park location two years ago, in the middle of a still-struggling economy. “I just focus on food and service, and people are coming,” she said. “A restaurant is a restaurant, then the purpose is serving food and drink – that’s what I’ll stick to.”
Posted on August 24, 2011

Post Offices on the Line as More People go Online - By Susanna Pak

t takes 66-year-old Bernard Thompson between a half-hour and 45 minutes to propel himself to his neighborhood post office on Paulina Street in Rogers Park. “I get out as much as I can,” said Thompson, who uses a wheelchair. “Even though it takes me a long time… I get out.” The 15-year resident of Rogers Park used to have his mail delivered to his home on North Ashland Avenue, but not long after he moved to the neighborhood, he opened a P.O. Box. “Dope dealers and dope addicts would come in there and steal your check out between the first and the third of every month,” Thompson said. “So they did that about three times, and me and my wife got tired of it so we opened a P.O. Box.”
Posted on August 15, 2011

Fresh for less at neighborhood grocers by Mara Grbenick

If you are one of the many people who struggle to eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, look no further. Three local groceries offer an impressive rainbow of produce at low prices, and provide other perks like organic or unusual ingredients.
Posted on August 09, 2011

The End of an Era North of Howard

The End of an Era North of Howard North Howard Neighbors Association: In the fall of 1987, Sister Cecilia Fandel of the Servants of Mary Order (founded in 1233 in Florence, Italy) arrived at the Howard Area Community Center to begin her service to the residents of the North of Howard community. It would be the beginning of a 24 year commitment that officially ended with her retirement at the end of June 2011. Over the years, Sister Cecilia has been a dedicated 'community activist' providing leadership, direction and spiritual guidance to thousands of residents. Our neighborhood would be a far different place were it not for her work and commitment over the years.
Posted on July 28, 2011

Chez Violette offers a taste of Haiti

Chez Violette offers a taste of Haiti By Megan Millard for Violetta Adrien always had a passion for cooking, and Chez Violette, a restaurant located at 2311 West Howard Street specializing in Haitian food that she owns with her husband, Samson is simply a dream come true. But the story behind this couple and their restaurant extends further back than its opening date, December 3, 2010. Violetta’s love for cooking came at an early age in her native country of Haiti, where it is traditional for the oldest girl to cook for her family. “When people eat and compliment her food, she likes it,” Samson said.
Posted on July 21, 2011

Rogers Park harvests plan for open land that could become urban farm

Densely and diversely populated, could Rogers Park on the city’s North Side soon be the site of an urban farm? It’s an idea getting a serious push, and deservedly so. Capital to build on vacant lots is hard to come by, so why not use the land to grow produce and teach agricultural and business skills? Rogers Park could get a farm at 7501 N. Ashland, a two-acre site that 20 years ago was the home of Lerner Newspapers. Royal Bank of Canada is foreclosing on the land. The city invited developer proposals for the property a few years ago, but nobody responded. Get the entire Sun-Times article here>>
Posted on July 07, 2011

SP Kebab offers taste of Europe

SP Kebab offers taste of Europe By Megan Millard for It’s not a gyro place. In fact, it’s not even a place you could compare to the hundreds and hundreds of other restaurants in Chicago. Tucked away in at the intersection of Pratt and Sheridan with vacant lots on either side, SP Kebab offers a taste of Europe that its owners say is unique. Peter and his wife decided to open the restaurant together. “One of the first things we did was we painted the walls orange,” she said. “We didn’t have any signs or advertisements outside that we were opening soon.”
Posted on July 01, 2011

Volunteer Opportunities-RPCC

The Rogers Park Community Council has formed a Nominating Committee to gather volunteers for service as Board members for either RPCC or the Rogers Park Development Corporation (a wholly owned subsidiary of RPCC). The Nominating Committee members for 2011 are Lorraine Dostal, Dick Gregory and Sarah Lisy.
Posted on July 01, 2011

Check out Mary’s Bao’s and Neil Lifton’s latest Video

Posted on June 29, 2011

A Neighborhood Success Story Beat 2431 CAPS

A Neighborhood Success Story Beat 2431 CAPS Loyola Park, a twenty acre gem in the Chicago Park District, is one of the 49th Ward’s many treasures. As with many treasures, there is often a dark side. Along with its excellent beach, large park area and recreational facilities, Loyola Park was becoming dangerous. It was plagued by group drinking, drug dealing, petty theft, prostitution and assaults. From May to November overnight camps, of people too drunk or unwilling to find their way back to their apartments, were set up behind bushes, under trees and out on the beach. A community park was becoming lost to the community. Read the rest here>>
Posted on June 08, 2011

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