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August 2009 welcomes new blog - ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ welcomes new blog - ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ Pamela Van Giessen is an 18 year resident of Rogers Park who took to power walking with her rescue English Setter, Boomer, a few years ago. In the course of their walks, Pam and Boomer have come across many wonderful sights. They thought others might enjoy the extraordinary images they see around the neighborhood and beyond - the surprising things that make their daily walks around Rogers Park and Chicago a constant source of delight. Read her first installment, "Animal Spirits in Rogers Park", and find out what wild and not so wild animals are lurking where you'd least expect.

Under the Root - Shop Local

Under the Root - Shop Local The Company, Under The Root, owned by Jennifer Brown, a long time Rogers Park resident, began in Chicago while designing and producing pieces for performers, clients, and necessity. It has continued, since 1998, to create delicates with sustainable and reclaimed, repurposed textiles. The structures are designed to connect wearers with their personal charm, burlesque nature, conscious responsibility, and utilitarianism character. Each pattern has the inclination to uncover an individual’s sensuality and playfulness. This discovery, then releases the humor and desire for textiles that overlay the skin and ‘turn on’ the needs of what breathes underneath. Today, each handmade structure reflects the use of materials and the grace of the human body. The designs display the nostalgia of the vintage eras they represent and the functionality needed for the 21st Century. Shop Here
posted by Charlie on August 27, 2009
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Chicago Reader has new owners…again.

The Chicago Reader is reporting that the Reader is now owned by an investment fund in New York. Find a link to the reader article here.
posted by Charlie on August 26, 2009
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