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The Election Shocker

Posted by Mike G on November 09, 2016

The morning after.

Many times last night, while watching election results, I simply hoped that I was living a bad dream, and that I would wake up and it would all be different.

Its not that I was a super enthusiastic fan of HIllary, though I did feel that she could maintain a level of dignity and civility and that America’s better instincts would prevail.

Now, the challenge is Mr. Trump’s to prove us naysayers wrong.

Now we must have faith in our country’s institutions, that they can protect us in the event Mr. Trump proves to be inept in the art of governing.

Its hard to feel optimistic about the next four years. Ought our priorities be focused on building a wall, deporting folks who live and work in our country, and offering massive tax cuts that our country can ill afford to grant?

Is now the time to throw away Obamacare - in spite of its need to be improved - and what about those people who are now insured?

What about Obamacare’s biggest contribution - eliminating insurers’ ability to use “precondition” as an excuse to deny coverage?

What about the direction of the Supreme Court - as Mr. Obama’s deft choice - Merrick Garland - will clearly not be assuming the spot on the court for which he seemed so uniquely qualified.

And what about our reputation in the world? I am concerned that Mr. Trump lacks historical perspective, and I fear dire consequences of him potentially responding callously and in a reactionary fashion to world events?

Let’s pray that Mr. Trump surrounds himself with competent advisors, and that he has the emotional maturity to be a responsible and civil leader, and somehow address the needs of the throngs of dispirited folks - mainly in the Rust Belt states - who elected him, without causing dire consequences for the rest of the country.

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