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Swimming our way through a Trump Presidency

Posted by Mike G on January 21, 2017

Several times a week when at my health club, I grudgingly make the trek from the Men’s Locker room, down the stairs to the pool area, grab a kick board, position myself in front of a vacant lane, slide on my swim goggles, and before jumping into the pool, contemplate for a few seconds the dreaded chore that awaits.

“OK. 44 lengths to a half mile – plus an additional 4 lengths for good measure – equals 48 lengths.”

With that, I jump in the pool and I immediately kick off of the side of the pool, getting a start on a task that I don’t necessarily enjoy, but I do because I know that I must.

This feeling of dread and “ok, we’ve got to do it, so let’s get started” is much how I felt yesterday, as the hours approached to Donald Trump’s inauguration.

My comparison takes on more relevancy when I realized that I could equate each lap that I swim with one month of our new President’s term.

“We have 48 months of this guy, so let’s start knocking them off, one by one, work our way through the tough, enjoy any good that might come along the way, and most important, move forward, lap by lap, month by month, and it will inevitably end.”

The odd take on all of this is that at the end of this half mile, we might find ourselves in need of doing it again, swimming another half mile.

Let’s not go there. The thought of swimming 96 laps with this guy, whose approach to problem solving and dealing with people completely violates my take on how we all can and should get along, overwhelms me, and it makes it hard for me to even want to jump in the damn pool.

No. We have no choice but to swim this half-mile of Donald J. Trump’s Presidency.  Yesterday we jumped into the water and started the first lap.

Let’s suck it up, make the best of things, give him a chance to prove us all wrong (though its hard to think that his mean spirited, narcissistic tone will ever change), work as a society to call him out when we disagree, remain engaged in our democratic process, reach out to those folks who voted him into office, try to understand their pain and seek to find a common ground, make a smooth flip turn at the end of each lap, and continue on.

With persistence and effort, we will finish this swim, and we can only hope and pray that somehow our country and this world will be better off for it, and we will soon witness the inauguration of a new man or woman, Republican, Democrat or other, whose value system and approach to dealing with people is based on respect, honor, love of country, and a recognition that we live in a global society beset with substantial challenges, and that more than ever before, our problems are deeply intertwined with our global partners, and, as Americans, we must lead the way to make the world a better and safer place.

For now, however, let’s just keep swimming!

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