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Mike's Corner

The Election Shocker

Its hard to feel optimistic about the next four years. Ought our priorities be focused on building a wall, deporting folks who live and work in our country, and offering massive tax cuts that our country can ill afford to grant? Is now the time to throw away Obamacare - in spite of its need to be improved - and what about those people who are now insured? What about Obamacare's biggest contribution - eliminating insurers' ability to use "precondition" as an excuse to deny coverage.
Posted by Mike G on November 09, 2016 |

How to describe Wednesday night to who don’t really “get” how it felt

How to describe Wednesday night to who don't really "get" how it felt
Posted by Mike G on November 05, 2016 |

Moral Quandry from Someone Purchasing a Game 6 Ticket in Cleveland

By the beginning of the 7th, with assurances from a Cub friend buddy that he was "in" (his wife gave her blessing), I finally identified "affordable enough" seats," overcame by Bartman anxieties, and realized I would be be beating the throngs of people who were probably holding off on making a Game 6 purchase until after the game, prepared to make drunken purchases or wait until the next day, when their hang overs wore off. I pressed "Buy Tickets" and I was immediately rewarded with a confirmation of purchase...
Posted by Mike G on October 23, 2016 |

Letter from Principal Adams to the Greater Sullivan Community

Letter from Principal Adams to the Greater Sullivan Community
Posted by Mike G on October 19, 2016 |

Go Cubs Go!!!! and support Family Matters at 27th Annual WalkAThon this coming Saturday, 9:30AM

You may only walk on this team if you are a fierce supporter of the Chicago Cubs and have shared in the heartache of seasons such as 1969, 2003, 2015, etc.. In any of those lost championship years, did you support Family Matters Walkathon within days of a big game? I am sure not.
Posted by Mike G on October 13, 2016 |

In Support of Loyola Park Baseball Improvements

With improved fields that can drain water, the majestic backdrop of Lake Michigan, and volunteer participation by people in our community, the youth in Rogers Park and surrounding communities can learn and develop skills as baseball players, and achieve all of the benefits of being accomplished athletes. The community will benefit immensely with proposed improvements in one of Chicago’s most special parks.
Posted by Mike G on June 10, 2016 |

Support Sullivan’s “Shoulder Pads” Campaign at May 18 GoFundMe “Kickoff” Campaign

Our challenge now is to raise the $8500 that Sullivan’s football team needs to purchase the shoulder pad and its other needs. On Wednesday, May 18th, from 5:00 – 9:00, we are joining Sullivan staff to host a “Celebrate Sullivan” event with the aim of encouraging folks to contribute to a special “Go Fund Me” campaign designed to aid the football program. The cost to attend the event, which we are holding at Pub 626, 1406 W. Morse, is $15 prepay; $20/person at the door; $5 for teachers, staff at any CPS school and to any parents of students presently enrolled in a CPS school. In the meantime, please be an early contributor to the Go Fund Me campaign, at this website… (add link.)
Posted by Mike G on May 05, 2016 |

Minutes Gained and Minutes Lost

Mitch was in Dallas playing baseball and I was there to watch him play and hang with him. Some father-son time. The day after his game, an “off day” for him, we opted to tour Dallas. In the morning, the Dallas Art Museum. In the afternoon, we decided to hit the “George W. Bush Presidential Museum,” on the outskirts of town, just at the entrance to Southern Methodist University. None of us were huge fans of George W., but we heard that the museum was pretty well done, and out of the dignity of the Office of President, we thought it would be worth our while to pay that museum a visit. Besides, I thought, it will be interesting to see how this Museum could make one of who I think was our country’s worst Presidents look any good. I was also interested to see how they treated the Bush Administration response to catastrophes like 9/11, Katrina and the crash of the financial markets.
Posted by Mike G on April 02, 2016 |

In Defense of Alvarez

Yet, many will ask, how do we know that Alvarez is impartial? Prosecutors and police officers rely on each other in order to do their jobs effectively. Can prosecutors and police dependence on each other taint the ability of a prosecutor to vigilantly prosecute a cop – even a bad cop – let alone prosecute cops who do such things as falsify reports to protect their brethren, or alter evidence, as people allege police may have done to video surveillance at the Burger King outside of the parking lot where McDonald was shot. That is precisely why I feel that Alvarez deserves credit. Shortly after receiving the evidence, Alvarez reached out to US Attorney General and requested that the AG partner with her office in investigating and prosecuting this claim. Alvarez took important steps to be sure that she was not in this alone. How can anyone claim that Alvarez carried a pro police bias when she reached out to a trustworthy and competent partner to help independently investigate the case?
Posted by Mike G on December 19, 2015 |

Soldiers Field Men’s Room Conversation Made Me feel like a Turkey!

As we entered the Men’s Room and took our place in line (lined several men deep at each urinal), I told Neal about how I had tried making a trial turkey a few days earlier – my first turkey. “I made a mistake,” I told Neal. “Thinking that any time a recipe calls for the oven to be set above 400 degrees means we use the broiler, I accidentally broiled the bird instead of bake it.” Neal looked at me in amazement. “Well, that’s a first. Cook a turkey by zinging it with intense heat from the top.” He giggled.
Posted by Mike G on November 25, 2015 |

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