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Posts from March 2014

One Talented Local Singer Songwriter Helping Another

While I attended local singer songwriter Nicholas Barron's live show at the Act One a couple of weeks back, I met a couple of attendees whose lives were deeply impacted by Nick. I was so impressed with one young man's story that I encouraged him to share his experiences with us via this website, which I do below. As to Nicholas Barron, I am confident that the Act One (the fabulous bar and restaurant attached to Mayne Stage) will continue to feature Nick, and if/when they do, I encourage you all to check him out, as I believe he is a special musical professional with wonderful skills. Here is the piece, written by the singer songwriter in attendance that evening, a young man around 23 years old, who has since left Chicago to find success as an entertainer in LA.
Posted by Mike G on March 31, 2014 |

American Airlines Flight 1137

I breathed a sigh of relief, and, mysteriously, sensed that I had experienced something important. We should all experience a Flight 1137 emergency landing, as it forces us to consider what is important in life. It offers us a chance to see how we respond to life threatening situations that are beyond our control, and it reminds us of important tasks that we really ought to complete – such as wills, business succession plans, and, oh yeah, to always value the lives of those whom we love and try to always say a proper good bye. Also, don’t take anything for granted, including the safety of airplane rides. The unexpected can always happen, and we always ought to be a bit guarded and never complacent.
Posted by Mike G on March 26, 2014 |

Tribune endorses Rogers Park resident in Judicial Race

Why should any of care about a Judicial race? Consider that at some point everyone finds themselves at the mercy of a judge: whether for a simple traffic ticket; while serving jury duty, or, at a life changing event such as a divorce, as a party to a lawsuit, or perhaps because you are a victim, witness or a suspect in a crime. Without question, the wheels of our judicial system will run far smoother with competent judges. I suggest everyone consider taking the time to vote for Judge, and make an informed decision, relying on whatever sources you deem responsible. With that said, I offer my personal recommendation for one such candidate, running for the 9th Judicial sub circuit, Rogers Park resident Michael Strom.
Posted by Mike G on March 10, 2014 |

Where’s the Soup?

Knowing as much as I do about Rogers Park restaurants, I was shocked to find myself tongue tied. I couldn’t think of any place that had that special curative type of soup that our Moms and Bubbas made for us when we were little. Out of desperation, I found myself recommending two Jewish delis - one in Andersonville, and the other on Touhy, just east of the Expressway. It wasn’t until a week ago, with temperatures still dipping below 20 degrees, that I finally discovered the best bowl of chicken soup in Rogers Park.
Posted by Mike G on March 06, 2014 |

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