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Posts from September 2013

My Concern about the Proposed Parking Structure

The new structure stimulates demand for rentals and home purchase; attracts visitors for the restored Emil Bach House (Frank Lloyd Wright building, on Sheridan), and offers a new staple of potential customers for local businesses, including those at Jarvis Square, only a block and a half away.
Posted by Mike G on September 25, 2013 |

Kol Nidre: reflections written a few years back

For instance, I barely remember grabbing the High Holy Day prayer books that we would shlep to synagogue each year. Each year I take one to temple, and even though the Temple offers these texts, it is comforting to bring along the same one that my Mom and Dad used to use. Yet, just as the Kol Nidre service began, sitting next to my girlfriend, my youngest daughter (the older two, at college), and three of my nephews (their Mom, sick), it really struck me. "How wonderful," I thought, "to be touching and thumbing through the same pages that my parent combed through years ago.
Posted by Mike G on September 13, 2013 |

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Mike has a long term relationship with Rogers Park, having lived here at various times in his life, most recently returning to the neighborhood in August, 2009. While living here as a third year law student, he remembers drunken nights at Biddy Mulligan’s and hosting a couple of memorable parties that he, hypocritically, now forbids his own tenants from having. Years later, after completing his stint as a lawyer, Mike started investing in apartment buildings in Rogers Park (and elsewhere), and soon after, did what many newly divorced real estate investors do: he moved into one of his buildings. In 1992 Mike was one of the founding members of the Rogers Park Builders Group, an organization that he eventually headed for six years, until yielding those reigns three years ago. Around a decade ago, on a whim, he reserved the web site “,” which he has been developing ever since, and which co-hosts RP BizArts networking events. Mike is the proud father of three wonderful children, Amy, Mitch and Ella.

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