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Mike's Corner

Posts from November 2012

They Gonna Wear what they (in) Ghana Wear?

Clearly, youth culture always offends and terrifies adults – I am sure this happens every generation. This tension plays out in many ways: in dress, hairstyle, music, speech, and in human interaction. Perhaps it has to do with the need of youth to exert their independence, and forge their own path. Perhaps they feel greater exuberance and self-confidence the more they can shock those who they feel try to control them. Perhaps its expresses a sense of what they see in the world – or how they want the world change. A “Flower Power” hippie of the 1960s dresses suggestively, hands out flowers and repeats John Lennon’s mantra “All we need is love.” A 1980s hard rocker gets satisfaction (and crowd approval) for smashing a guitar into pieces when on stage.
Posted by Mike G on November 16, 2012 |

Good Bye Mary Jane Sacks

For over fifteen years, Mary Jane and her husband Terry served the Rogers Park Builders Group as our behind the scenes staff. Up until his death two years ago, Terry had been our in house journalist, carefully writing, editing and arranging for the printing of our triennial newsletter, The Builder. Mary Jane handled the other administrative functions: managing mailing lists, notifying people of meetings, dues collection and membership promotion. Mary Jane handled the distribution of our newsletters, and, to many, she was the key contact person for anyone who wanted to learn more about our organization. Both Terry and Mary Jane served the RPBG with great distinction. They consistently displayed character traits that are often so hard to find today: professionalism, humility, and dedication – all traits that our organization will find hard to replace.
Posted by Mike G on November 12, 2012 |

Vote Responsibly

Over time I have learned how important it is to have a talented and honorable person serving as judge. Consider the time when you have had interactions with a judge – whether in traffic court, when serving on jury duty, or perhaps when being a party to a lawsuit – even a divorce. More important, think of scenarios that you might some day need to confront: maybe a judge is hearing a case concerning someone who criminalized you; or, you or someone you know is accused of a crime that he or she did not commit. If you were assigned to select a judge to hear your specific case, would you be willing to blindly choose that person by virtue of the fact that you like that she has a cool nickname? If you skip voting for judge ("Oh, how could I know who to vote for?") consider who else is out there randomly selecting candidates. Aren't you better off becoming more informed and voting?
Posted by Mike G on November 06, 2012 |

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Mike has a long term relationship with Rogers Park, having lived here at various times in his life, most recently returning to the neighborhood in August, 2009. While living here as a third year law student, he remembers drunken nights at Biddy Mulligan’s and hosting a couple of memorable parties that he, hypocritically, now forbids his own tenants from having. Years later, after completing his stint as a lawyer, Mike started investing in apartment buildings in Rogers Park (and elsewhere), and soon after, did what many newly divorced real estate investors do: he moved into one of his buildings. In 1992 Mike was one of the founding members of the Rogers Park Builders Group, an organization that he eventually headed for six years, until yielding those reigns three years ago. Around a decade ago, on a whim, he reserved the web site “,” which he has been developing ever since, and which co-hosts RP BizArts networking events. Mike is the proud father of three wonderful children, Amy, Mitch and Ella.

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