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Posts from March 2012

Karen and Charlie: This Award’s For You!

Around nine or so years ago (I don’t remember when), I was toying around with this website,, trying to figure out what to do with it. I had previously hired, on a freelance basis, a couple of different local part time self-proclaimed web designers, shared my ideas with them, tried implementing something, and never came up with a sustainable model. I discussed my situation with my new property manager, Charlie Didrickson, a long time community resident possessing a true passion for the neighborhood. Indeed, our work-oriented conversations often resulted in lengthy conversations about community issues - and Charlie knew (and still knows) his stuff. Charlie started mentioning his fiance (now wife), Karen Shaw, a talented graphic designer who was developing a strong niche in website design. He asked me if I’d consider hiring them to take a shot at redesigning and re-launching the site. Soon this website became reborn – Karen and Charlie at the helm.
Posted by Mike G on March 30, 2012 |

CTA Modernization Issues Worthy of our Time and Focus

The community must be forward thinking and consider genuine challenges that we as Chicagoans and Rogers Park residents face: a) how to assure that the stations remain structurally sound; b) how to make the stations accessible to all (consider accessing a train from a wheelchair, or the risk of simply standing on such narrow platforms, in crowded conditions.) c) issues of speed – the benefit if trains could proceed faster along straight corridors and how curves in the rail line impede travel times. Are there ways to eliminate some of the curves to improve speed? (Translate that to being able to sleep an additional 10 - 15 minutes each morning and returning home that much earlier at the end of the day!) d) Consider the importance of each of our rail stations, including the Jarvis stop, as previous proposals that the community vigorously opposed contemplated closing the Jarvis station and extending the length of the Howard terminal southbound to accommodate users of the Jarvis line.
Posted by Mike G on March 27, 2012 |

Craig’s Back

A hyper local website such as this one is often hard pressed to put out its own news. In recent months, we have begun an affiliation with a capable young Medill journalist, Bob Spoerl, a Rogers Park resident, who is writing a range of stories. (Last April he produced an excellent video clip about the Participatory Budgeting Process.) We welcome his energy and his skills as a budding journalist, and we value his contributions to this website.
Posted by Mike G on March 20, 2012 |

Questions For Democratic Candidates for State Representative, 14th District

To: Our esteemed candidates for the Democratic Nomination for State Representative, 14th District, State Rep. Kelly Cassidy and Paula Basta; Over the past weekend, we posed four questions to each of you, hoping that you can respond with answers on or before Thursday, 5:00PM, so that we can post them on our website on Friday. 1. Describe your experience and background that qualifies you to be our State Representative. 2. What would be your two - three top legislative priorities as State Rep? 3. What distinguishes you from your opponent? 4. How does the position of State Representative impact our daily lives? (In other words, why should we care about this race?)
Posted by Mike G on March 13, 2012 |

Shaking Heads Over Judicial Elections

Judicial races are far too important for us to be uninformed when we make these critical choices. Judges have immense power, and a good thoughtful creative judge can dramatically impact and improve the lives of ordinary people. We never know when we might be one of those people who lives will be impacted by a judge: whether we are accused of a crime, or we are a victim of a crime; whether we are defending a frivolous lawsuit, or if we are zealously trying to prevail in an important lawsuit against someone or some company that we believe wronged us. Judges make important decisions regarding involuntary placement of the mentally ill, regarding adoption of new born, deciding whether to issue a search warrant based on flimsy evidence
Posted by Mike G on March 01, 2012 |

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