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Mike's Corner

An Enriching Rogers Park Experience

... most came to the US via Malaysia, where I believe they lived in refugee camps. They are Rohingyan Muslims, an ethnicity that I previously knew little about - interestingly, I stumbled across an article about them last night while reading the Sunday Chicago Tribune (4/16/17, page 29), where I learned that the military controlled government has been systematically oppressing this group, murdering many (including the mother of one of my soccer players - a horror that he apparently witnessed, before fleeing), and, in genocidal fashion, trying to eliminate them from their country.
Posted by Mike G on April 21, 2017 | (0) Comments

RPBG’s Open Letter Re: Rent Control Legislation

First, rent control doesn’t work. There have been many studies on the impacts of rent control in cities where it has been tried. There is close to unanimous agreement that (1) rent control is an ineffective means of helping the low and moderate-income families it is intended to benefit; and (2) the unintended consequences of rent control include lower maintenance of rental properties, reduced production of new apartment units, and increased average housing costs in rent controlled jurisdictions. As Peter Navarro, Professor of Economics at the University of California-Irvine, states in his 1985 study of rent control in Cambridge, Massachusetts, “the economics profession has reached a rare consensus: Rent control creates many more problems than it solves.”
Posted by Mike G on March 13, 2017 |

Swimming our way through a Trump Presidency

Let’s not go there. The thought of swimming 96 laps with this guy, whose approach to problem solving and dealing with people completely violates my take on how we all can and should get along, overwhelms me, and it makes it hard for me to even want to jump in the damn pool. No. We have no choice but to swim this half-mile of Donald J. Trump’s Presidency. Yesterday we jumped into the water and started the first lap.
Posted by Mike G on January 21, 2017 |

A Great Compromise regarding filling Supreme Court vacancies

Most importantly, such a step could dismiss this notion that the opposing party in the Senate can unduly hold up a nomination until after the upcoming election, in hope that their will be a transfer of power. Scalia died under Obama’s watch, with plenty of time for the Senate to honor its constitutional obligation to offer its “advise and consent” towards the Presidents selection, and it is abhorrent that Senate Republicans held up this vote, and “won” – depriving Obama of his chance at replacing Scalia with his selection. By making this deal, Trump could honor the tradition that a sitting President has the constitutionally authorized authority and responsibility to fill that position. As of now, it is unclear how many months prior to a Presidential election can a Senate decide to hold off considering a nominee? Scalia died a full nine months prior to the end of Obama’s term. What happens when the next Supreme Court Justice resigns or dies say, a full year – or eighteen months, prior to the end of the sitting President’s term?
Posted by Mike G on November 22, 2016 |

The Election Shocker

Its hard to feel optimistic about the next four years. Ought our priorities be focused on building a wall, deporting folks who live and work in our country, and offering massive tax cuts that our country can ill afford to grant? Is now the time to throw away Obamacare - in spite of its need to be improved - and what about those people who are now insured? What about Obamacare's biggest contribution - eliminating insurers' ability to use "precondition" as an excuse to deny coverage.
Posted by Mike G on November 09, 2016 |

How to describe Wednesday night to who don’t really “get” how it felt

How to describe Wednesday night to who don't really "get" how it felt
Posted by Mike G on November 05, 2016 |

Moral Quandry from Someone Purchasing a Game 6 Ticket in Cleveland

By the beginning of the 7th, with assurances from a Cub friend buddy that he was "in" (his wife gave her blessing), I finally identified "affordable enough" seats," overcame by Bartman anxieties, and realized I would be be beating the throngs of people who were probably holding off on making a Game 6 purchase until after the game, prepared to make drunken purchases or wait until the next day, when their hang overs wore off. I pressed "Buy Tickets" and I was immediately rewarded with a confirmation of purchase...
Posted by Mike G on October 23, 2016 |

Letter from Principal Adams to the Greater Sullivan Community

Letter from Principal Adams to the Greater Sullivan Community
Posted by Mike G on October 19, 2016 |

Go Cubs Go!!!! and support Family Matters at 27th Annual WalkAThon this coming Saturday, 9:30AM

You may only walk on this team if you are a fierce supporter of the Chicago Cubs and have shared in the heartache of seasons such as 1969, 2003, 2015, etc.. In any of those lost championship years, did you support Family Matters Walkathon within days of a big game? I am sure not.
Posted by Mike G on October 13, 2016 |

In Support of Loyola Park Baseball Improvements

With improved fields that can drain water, the majestic backdrop of Lake Michigan, and volunteer participation by people in our community, the youth in Rogers Park and surrounding communities can learn and develop skills as baseball players, and achieve all of the benefits of being accomplished athletes. The community will benefit immensely with proposed improvements in one of Chicago’s most special parks.
Posted by Mike G on June 10, 2016 |

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