Dear Neighbor;

As the Rogers Park community deals with the aftermath of last month’s tragic double shootings, a certain holiday appears on our calendars that offers us a powerful message - and an opportunity for healing, unity and attaining resolve.

Contrary to what a reformed Jew like me learned growing up, the Jewish holiday of Chanukah is about a lot more than exchanging gifts. Rather, as explained by Rabbi Yoel Wolf of Chabad of E. Rogers Park, it is a celebration of light.

“The nature of light is that it is always victorious over darkness. A small amount of light dispels a lot of darkness. Another act of goodness and kindness, another act of light, can make all the difference.” explains Rabbi Wolf.

On Monday, December 3, 2018, the Orthodox community of West Rogers Park, in deep grief over the loss of Eliyahu Moscowitz, is bringing their Chanukah celebration to the lakefront, only a few feet away from the spot where Eliyahu was murdered. (Every year the community leads a joyous Chanukah parade - this year’s ‘end point’ will be at Loyola Beach, near Lunt.) Then, at 7PM, joined by those who mourn the loss of the other victim, Douglas Watts, the Chabad of E. Rogers Park will light a giant Menorah in memory of Eliyahu, and host a short and uplifting Chanukah celebration, where they will serve traditional latke pancakes, doughnuts, live music and song.

Rabbi Wolf reached out to me and asked if we would be sure to invite the East Rogers Park community, to join in the celebration, commemorating the memory of both of the gentlemen whom we have lost and bringing light to our dark moment.

Giant Menorah Lighting
Loyola Park (near Lunt)
Monday, December 3, at 7:00pm
Free of charge

Join us in what will undoubtedly be an uplifting and special moment in our community.

For more information, please read Yoel's press release.

- Mike Glasser