Many of us have learned in recent weeks how important it is that we vigilantly report crimes that we witness.

An eyewitness account; a video taken with your handheld, or other observations, properly reported to police, can often help law enforcement make key arrests.

The tragic gang related shootings and murders and other bad doings happening in recent weeks, and our neighborhood vigilance in addressing these problems, can make one nostalgic of an era when community involvement in fighting crime was much different.

I presume many of us in the "over 40 crowd" remember this famous scene from an early 1960s episode of The Andy Griffith Show.(almost six minutes, and well worth it!). This episode helped make Jim Nabors famous, with the spin off Gomer Pyle USMC, and later an award winning recording career where he showcased his baritone voice. (Buy me a beer and I'll tell you the story of how my buddy and I - over 20 years ago - hung out with Jim.)


Unfortunately, during these tougher times, we need to exercise our vigilance far differently than did the good citizens of a town like Mayberry, fifty years ago. Part of our vigilance calls for us to be sure to remember and celebrate all that is good in Rogers Park - awesome street fairs, great theater, bars and restaurants, gorgeous weekend on our beaches, and a certainty that we, as a community, through our vigilance and concern for our community and the work of our police, public officials and certain social service organizations, will address this problem.