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Classified Advertising Terms

We, and Magellen Marketing Solutions, reserve the right to remove or not post any content we deem offensive, inflammatory, slanderous or inappropriate for any reason.

You, the user, understand that submissions to the Free Classifieds section (Parking, Roomates, and For Sale) must be relevant to the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago or it will not be posted.

You, the user, understand that any views expressed on this website or in the ads thereon are the views solely of the authors of the ad and not of, Magellen Marketing Solutions or any of the folks who work for them.

You, the user, agree that you are responsible for paying any amount listed on our website as the charge for the ad. Please see our Ad Pricing page for our current rates. You are responsible regardless of whether your apartment rents or your home/condo sells prior to the end of the ad term you have purchased. Likewise, deletion of your ad before its scheduled expriation date does not alleviate you of the responsiblity of payment for the full term of the ad.

You, the user, understand that all ads in the Apartments and Homes and Condos section are for one Home/Condo or Apartment. You may not change the address of the advertised building after the ad is posted. If you want to advertise another building, you must purchase an additional ad.