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Can I pay with a credit card?
We do not accept credit cards at this time. After placing your ad, you will be sent an invoice to your billing address by mail.
Why can't I change the address of the Apartment or Home/Condo on my ad?
We charge per address, meaning you can not change your ad to be for a different building/unit. If you need to change the address (like because you made a mistake when you entered it), please contact us and we will be happy to do it for you.
I did not recieve my confirmation email after registering. How can I log in?
Please check your junk/spam folder. If you still do not see it, please contact us. we will be happy to reset your password for you so that you can log in.
I already have a user account on, how come I have to create a new account to place a classified ad?
The login systems for the main website and the classifieds section are totally separate. You must have a user on the classifieds site in order to place an ad.
I submitted an ad, but its not showing up on the site, did I do something wrong?
Classified ads must first be reviewed & approved by an administrator before they are posted on the live site.
My apartment has been rented or my building has been sold. Can I get a refund?
No, we are happy that your apartment has been rented, but you are still liable for the amount for the ad term that you signed up for.
How can I tell if anyone has viewed/responded to my ad?
When you view your ad while logged in, you will see the number of views and/or responses to your ad. If you feel you have missed some of the email responses, please contact us. We are cc'd and will be happy to provide you with a copy.
I don't want to upload my photos and text myself, will you do it for me?
Yes, please contact us, additional fees may apply.
I am receiving an error when I try to upload my image. What are the maximum size requirements?
Images must be under xxxKB and xxx pixels wide or high. Use a desktop application like Adobe Photoshop or web based one, like to compress your image for the web.
I am intersted in advertising on your main site as well. Do I need to buy all my ads separately?
Please contact us. We can work out an ad bundle based on your specific needs.